International Church and Healing Fellowship

The International Church and Healing Fellowship is an organisation that has been created by a group of dedicated and experienced Spiritual Healers and Ministers, encouraged directly by Spirit, to teach and encourage all those who wish to learn more about Spirit and spiritual healing, and to do so to the very highest standards of excellence.

International Church and Healing Fellowship

International Church and Healing Fellowship

We, as an organisation and church, actively promote the involvement of Spirit and the Spirit Realms, together with the service that can be offered through spiritual healing and the truth and knowledge of the continuance of life after physical death.

You can run this organisation in one of three ways:
1) How you want to run it.
2) How I want you to run it.
3) How the higher council in spirit want you to run it.”

This was the question put to the founding council by Paul (of Tarsus). We unanimously decided option 2 – How he wants the organisation to be run. It helped our decision to know that he sits on the Higher Council in Spirit.

If you are already working with Spirit, are a Spiritual Healer or Medium, or even an Ordained Minister and feel that other organisations are not fully working with God and Spirit, then you may like to learn more about how we can promote the wonderful truths of the Divine Spirit.

The ICHF also arranges:-

  • Occasional workshops and seminars on Spirit and spiritual teachings about life in the Spirit Realms and the truth about life after physical ‘death’.
  • Social meetings and Fellowship Days for members.
  • A Quarterly newsletter called the Fellowship News

For further information or details on how to join us please contact Revd.Tony Hewitt, MBE  at the ICHF Head Office in Scarborough.

If you have any questions relating to Spirit or healing please email them to head office and we shall try to answer them to the best of our ability. If we personally do not know the answer we will ask Paul, so you will be guaranteed the truth. We hope to soon be setting up a separate page for FAQ.

Please also note we welcome those who are interested in learning more about spirit’s advancement in the methods of healing and the spirit world  which is brought to us directly by Spirit Paul.

If you are interested in our healing organisation and maybe wish to become a member please contact Revd. Tony Hewitt, MBE at our Head office in Scarborough, phone number 01723 871218.