The Eternal Truth


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The Eternal Truth is a companion book to A Mere Grain of Sand, going further into detail about life in Spirit, spiritual progression through the many levels, karma, animals, children, reincarnation, training and working in the spiritual realms.

Paul of Tarsus had a vision of Jesus on the road to Damascus that inspired him to spread Christ’s teachings. Following his conversion from his native faith and religious ancestry, his hitherto comfortable and privileged life became challenging and, at times, frightening and painful.

Spreading Christ’s message of love was fraught with danger, torture and imprisonment in the violent times within which he lived.

Although there were times of great suffering Paul, always a free spirit, remained resolute and passionate about his beliefs to the detriment of his own health and ultimately of his own life. He was beheaded at the age of sixty four at the behest of Emperor Nero.

Paul has now been in Spirit nearly two thousand years and has gained a tremendous amount of knowledge. Not only has he cured thousands of people on Earth as a skilled and highly respected spiritual surgeon through the unique mediumship of Raymond Brown, but when he can, he tries to teach those willing to listen, the truth about life in the spiritual realms.

In the inspiring book A Mere Grain of Sand, the fascinating story of his work with Raymond and Gillian Brown, he offers glimpses of his world. In this companion book Paul goes into more detail about life in Spirit, what happens when we ‘die’, reincarnation, karma, progression and the various levels where spiritual people are trained to serve.

For anyone who has wondered about spiritual life, who is perhaps confused or still searching having read other books, this is the only truth, because it comes from the highest level and is approved and sanctioned by the Higher Council in Spirit.

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