Trisha Fox – January 2000

Dear Ray Paul and Gillian This is just a note to pass on my sincere thanks for all that you have done over the last 4 months since I first came to see you in October 1999.  I came to you with SEVERE RIGHT JAW PAIN which I had had for a number of years and had been to see so many different doctors and specialists that you really were my last hope!! I must be honest and say that I did not quite know what to expect and I did not really want to get my hopes up either, as I had been let down so many times before, but I guess faith helped me along the way. Since then I have found that you knew exactly what was wrong because Paul could see inside my jaw in the troubled area, and right away told me it was trapped nerves.  From the first visit he informed me that he could help but it would take time.  After the first couple of visits it was painful even more so at times, but after the third and fourth visit it became a lot easier, almost to the point that I did not really notice it.  You ended my treatment in January 2000 and I just had to write and send my personal thanks for all that you have done with your ‘wonderful gift’ and your ‘kindness’. You have always been so kind to me and to everyone who you have tried to help and I would like to express my gratitude. Whatever you do, it is a truly wonderful thing and you do it with such love and happiness that I am sure God must be so proud and happy as he works with you. Please accept my thanks once again […] Read more »