Ray Brown, the Medium

Ray Brown

Ray Brown

Ray was born in 1946 and lived for most of his early life in Portsmouth. He went into the building trade and became site manager for a construction company. Ray trained to become a healing medium; following his out of body experiences when he was only 5 years old.

During a demonstration by the renowned Harry Edwards, Ray was picked at the age of 17, from the audience to go on stage and assist the great man.

Healing soon became a way of life for Ray. He continued to work hard on developing his mediumship and finally, when he was 21, Paul came through and they have been working together ever since.

Ray’s mediumship is unique in that when working with Paul he is completely taken over and is not aware of anything that is done whilst Paul is in control.  It is a partnership of complete trust which has developed over the many years they have worked together.  As far as we are aware there is no other medium who works in this unique way.

Paul of Tarsus, the Spirit

Paul's Spirit Image

Paul’s Spirit Image

Paul is Ray’s spirit guide. Paul lived 2000 years ago, at the time of Christ, in Tarsus which was then under Roman rule. After his blinding on the road to Damascus, he came to believe in the teachings of Jesus, although he did not actually meet him. He was eventually beheaded by the Romans for preaching the words of Jesus the Christ.

After 2000 years of preparation in the spirit world, Paul chose Ray as his medium to bring spiritual healing into place alongside conventional medicine.