Eudene Griffiths – Barbados – September 2019

I have been visiting Ray Brown (Paul) for spiritual surgery and healing over many years on and off.  I first knew of Ray when I read about him in the News of the World.  I attended him for Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands, and a number of aches and pains in my back especially when I was working as a nurse.  The miracle healing has done me so much good over the years.  When I made time to relax I would look at my hands and the lumps were gone, and no pain in my body. I attended a doctor when I travelled from Barbados to England in September 2018.  I had a scan done, and the results were a type B aortic dissection.  I was thinking I would not be able to go back to Barbados for Christmas so I made an appointment to visit Paul for a spiritual operation in November 2018.  Paul said to me after his treatment “Eudene I will get you back to Barbados for Christmas”.  AND HE DID! When I went for the results of another scan I was told I could travel because the scan was really good.  The professor who was keeping a check on me said he was amazed for what was showing on my scan.  I told him I never collapse, I never faint, and I am still full of energy.  He leant back in his chair and said “Tell me what is going on with you and God?”  After those words I then told him about the spiritual surgery and healing I was receiving from Ray (Paul).  He was amazed to say the least!  I am forever eternally grateful to dear Ray (Paul). Eudene Griffith  Barbados, Caribbean Read more »

Further Testimonial Christine Moores 14 July 2018

Dear Ray and Paul, Thank you once again for our very special healing session this afternoon.  When I asked Matthew how he felt after his treatment he said his shoulder and back were much more comfortable and that he would continue with swimming sessions to maintain mobility.  He has forgotten the constant and often excruciating pain that distorted his face and made him moody all the time when he first moved back to Sussex from Wales.  The difference in him is incredible, and he can now function without the deadly cocktail of powerful drugs that would have been the alternative, had he not seen Paul.  I am grateful beyond words for the healing you have given him.  I also believe you have given me the strength to cope with sometimes crippling arthritis.  I know when the pain was so severe I thought I was heading for a second hip replacement.  I also thought I would need an operation on my knee when it gave me so much pain, but in each case you have healed the pain and I can lead a normal and physically active life.  I am so grateful to you. After reading Paul’s book “The Eternal Truth” I have been profoundly moved by the description of the Spirit world and have found enormous comfort in how it is portrayed.  I live by my own definition of God, but it seemed all my beliefs gelled into what you articulated in this very inspiring book.  It has brought me very close to the loved ones I have lost and given me belief in what lies beyond mortality. Having read your book Ray,  “A Mere Grain of Sand”, I realise what a vital and significant contribution you are making to those of us lucky enough to experience your healing.  The […] Read more »

Chris and Matthew Moores – 20 July 2017

Hi Ray, Many thanks to your marvellous team for last Saturday’s healing session with Paul.  We feel privileged to experience his healing and always feel that there is improvement in our condition after seeing him. When I first saw Paul, initially desperate to help relieve my son’s pain, than later to relieve my own pain, I was as sceptical as many who follow the route of spiritual healing.  I know that I was beginning to get the same significant pain associated with cartilage loss in the right hip that I had had in my left hip prior to having it resurfaced and I was also told that my X-rays showed deterioration in both hips and it was likely that I would need an operation in the future (this was 2009!)   More recently (2017) it was difficult to get into a car without pain in my right hip and driving for long periods was not an option. Since seeing Paul however, there has been NO PAIN in my right hip.  The severe pain I had more recently in my knee (pinched ligament) has eased since I saw him last Saturday – although I know I need to be careful as advised by Paul as the whole knee joint needs to settle. My son Matthew has been more comfortable and relaxed since Paul worked on his shoulder.  As Paul commented in the clinic session his damaged fingers which he damaged very badly in an accident need to repair  before Paul can help to mobilise the joints. Miracles?  Or just a profound spiritual understanding of and knowledge about the source of physical pain and a highly effective ability to heal it without months of seeking medical help.  However you like to describe it, we are indebted to him and to you Ray for […] Read more »

Lana and Elena – Testimonial – 16 April 2018

Dearest Ray, Jilly and our beloved Paul, It is such a shame that people do not fully appreciate what Paul and Ray and you do for us. I am not sure if Paul remembers me, probably not, but he has done wonders for me. I could not walk for long at all, I had pain in my hip and knee and especially in my foot for years and years. Doctors could not find anything wrong they could see no damage inside my hip or knee either to the nerves or the cartilage, yet the pain was quite severe. When Paul saw me he said that it was because I was misaligned and that is what was causing the pain. How he could see it whilst I was lying on the couch I do not know, but when I got up and he looked at me and confirmed what he said and proceeded to adjust my hips and said that now I was aligned. I could not help being sceptical that such a small adjustment to my posture would have had any effect. Yet it did. Very soon all my pain was gone, and thankfully to this day I am free from it. Its so liberating as I now can walk as much as I want. I still had pain in my left foot though although not so sever as it was, and Paul said it was do to with ligaments and he treated that and that pain too is how gone. I suffered also with excruciating pain in the right half of my head and neck. The doctor gave me migraine pills which made it worse. Anything could trigger the pain for which I had to take painkillers every 4 hours. Paul worked on my neck, there was a sharp […] Read more »

Tim Wood – May 2013

Paul – thank you so much for treating my knee.  I am amazed that I am not in pain anymore and can stand from sitting as normal!!!!  Plus knee feels normal. It has been a great day, you are very warm and friendly people.  Totally incredible work that you do and bring a lot of relief to suffering people – but with a smile and laugh!  Very funny when Paul said “hold him down”!! With very best wishes, Tim Wood/May 2013 Read more »

Linda Mather, MBACP – July 2013

Hi  Please tell Ray/Paul that I have been completely pain free in my arm/shoulder since visiting Paul.  I had been suffering with this pain for weeks and it was getting me down.  My ‘GP did not know what it was (amazing that they were unable to diagnose a trapped nerve!)  I cannot comment on my IBS that Paul worked on as yet as it is normally triggered by stress but time will tell.  As for my pain in my side that has subsided too. I am gobsmacked at this man’s abilities/talent (not sure what to call it) and I would recommend him to anyone, no matter how off the wall it may seem to some with less of an open mind. Please thank him for me and I look forward to seeing you both in a months time. Kind regards, Linda Mather, MBACP, Counsellor, trainer, clinical supervisor and author Read more »

James Gill – July 2017

Hi Ray, I recently was seen by you at the advice of my mother Marie Gill.  I was a real sceptic, but what you did to my lower back done the trick.  In the consultation I still felt the slight biting pain when I bent over but after 4 to 5 hours I could bend with no pain, still no pain now, so far so good.  It even hurt me to put my socks on that morning being seeing you.  Very shocked and appreciative. Many thanks, James Gill Read more »

Annette Pither – July 2017

After visiting Paul and as a regular church-goer, I cannot recommend highly enough to anyone the teachings and skill of this incredible man. From agony, steroidal injections and a wrist brace to pain-free freedom which has never returned.  I give my thanks to God and Paul for giving me release from the pain I used to endure. Annette Pither/July 2017 Read more »

Leslie Richmond – April 2016

In February 1990, I was working on a ship in dry-dock in Germany.  The ship was to be fitted with a new means of evacuation called the Marine Evacuation System.  I was a training officer for ship emergency systems. The MES consists of an inflatable slide and platform.  The idea is to evacuate passengers and crew as quickly as possible.  The slide is 15 metres long.  I was the first person down on this system during training and I hit the bottom platform with a severe jolt.  I was incapacitated and could not stand up.  I was rushed to hospital. I had a broken ankle and severe tendon and ligament damage to both ankles and compression injuries to my spine.  It took about three years to walk again unaided.  I was always in great pain in my legs and lower back.  In 1997 I was told I would have to have an operation on my neck to remove a disc.  I had a C5 – C6 discectomy.  I would be have been a paraplegic without it.  The operation was successful and I was walking again but not very far, albeit with a limp and different gait.   As the years have progressed I have experienced extreme pain from sciatica and recently could only walk with the aid of two sticks while being bent over.  I have attended many physiotherapists over the years who relieved the pain for a little while. I was recommended to see Ray Brown and I must admit I was sceptical but I made an appointment and after the first session I felt relief.  Paul then advised that he would do a deeper spiritual operation on my neck to help me more in February 2016.  I did not know what to think! February came and he made […] Read more »

Lisa Cherry – 30 January 2015 Prolapsed Disc

Testimonial from Lisa Cherry    30 January 2015   After 18 months of my GP being very dismissive my osteopath wrote and asked my GP to investigate, as she though there was something quite wrong with my neck. In January 2013 she was proved right, and an MRI confirmed a prolapsed disc that was impinging half way across the spinal cord. In July after a couple of trips to the spinal clinic I was told that due to the severity of the impingement on my spinal cord there was no option but to operate and soon, but there were risks. My aunt, having had the same operation a few years earlier now needed further surgery, going as far as to say she regretted ever having the first operation. Needless to say I was in a great deal of pain, terrified, and worst of all I was without hope of a solution. My mum told me that my grandmother has visited Ray, and Paul performed surgery on her knee, so we booked an appointment and mum drove me to Ray and Jilly’s Bricket Wood Clinic. It took Paul what seemed like a few minutes and my day ended the reverse of how it had started, and I was left in wonderment of what had just happened to me. Paul ran his hand down my neck just above the surface of the skin, not even touching me. He said “that’s the spot”, and I was aware of Ray’s fingers either side of my spine and a sensation that Paul’s fingers were actually inside my neck. This was in no way painful or uncomfortable, just unusual. Paul followed the line of the nerve down through my shoulder; another area where I had been experiencing a lot of pain. Again I could feel Rays fingers on the outside […] Read more »