Amanda – Patient Testimonial 22 October 2013

Dear Ray and Jilly,  I am writing this testimonial in the hope that it helps other people who have received conventional treatment and they think there is nothing that can be done for them.  I had an injured ankle for 5 years.  When I first injured it I was given the wrong diagnosis and wrong treatment for 6 months, by this time more damage had occurred.  Over the years every time I saw a doctor I was given a different diagnosis and a different solution.  The only thing that each diagnosis had in common was that I would never have a fully functioning ankle again!!  After seeing a video of Ray Brown at work with Paul I decided to go and see him.  The treatment was quick and instantly I could feel the improvement in my ankle and had full movement again.  It has only been a few weeks and I still have work to do to build up the strength in the left hand side but I DO HAVE A FULLY FUNCTIONING ANKLE.  I can now do all the activities that I used to do and my posture has improved immensely.  I cannot thank Ray/Paul enough for repairing my ankle.  I can go off on my travels again with new confidence with my abilities.  Amandaxxx