Eudene Griffiths – Barbados – September 2019

I have been visiting Ray Brown (Paul) for spiritual surgery and healing over many years on and off.  I first knew of Ray when I read about him in the News of the World.  I attended him for Rheumatoid Arthritis in my hands, and a number of aches and pains in my back especially when I was working as a nurse.  The miracle healing has done me so much good over the years.  When I made time to relax I would look at my hands and the lumps were gone, and no pain in my body.

I attended a doctor when I travelled from Barbados to England in September 2018.  I had a scan done, and the results were a type B aortic dissection.  I was thinking I would not be able to go back to Barbados for Christmas so I made an appointment to visit Paul for a spiritual operation in November 2018.  Paul said to me after his treatment “Eudene I will get you back to Barbados for Christmas”.  AND HE DID!

When I went for the results of another scan I was told I could travel because the scan was really good.  The professor who was keeping a check on me said he was amazed for what was showing on my scan.  I told him I never collapse, I never faint, and I am still full of energy.  He leant back in his chair and said “Tell me what is going on with you and God?”  After those words I then told him about the spiritual surgery and healing I was receiving from Ray (Paul).  He was amazed to say the least!  I am forever eternally grateful to dear Ray (Paul).

Eudene Griffith 

Barbados, Caribbean