Linda Mather, MBACP – July 2013


Please tell Ray/Paul that I have been completely pain free in my arm/shoulder since visiting Paul.  I had been suffering with this pain for weeks and it was getting me down.  My ‘GP did not know what it was (amazing that they were unable to diagnose a trapped nerve!)  I cannot comment on my IBS that Paul worked on as yet as it is normally triggered by stress but time will tell.  As for my pain in my side that has subsided too.

I am gobsmacked at this man’s abilities/talent (not sure what to call it) and I would recommend him to anyone, no matter how off the wall it may seem to some with less of an open mind.

Please thank him for me and I look forward to seeing you both in a months time.

Kind regards,

Linda Mather, MBACP,

Counsellor, trainer, clinical supervisor and author