Sandra Greeno – 2003

I had a hysterectomy and was in agony for two years until I had an appointment with Paul.  The pain was in my abdomen and went right down my leg.  My doctor and the local hospital could not help me.  I was given a scan but there was nothing abnormal.  My husband read about Ray and Paul in the Psychic News and arranged for an appointment at a clinic in London.  I was in terrible pain on the day of my appointment.  I was in tears in the waiting room.  Paul instantly knew where the pain was.  It had gone within five minutes.  He said that I had a trapped nerve, which he sorted out for me.  I could not believe it.  He also found that I had a bladder problem which he managed to heal.  I did not know what to expect when I saw Paul.  I thought that as he had been portrayed as a Psychic Surgeon that he would use knives, how wrong I was!  As soon as I met him I felt calm.  Paul is a wonderful doctor and Ray is a marvellous man for giving up his body so that people in need can be healed.  Sandra Greeno/January 2003