Sue Flynn Testimonial 10/12/2013

Dear Ray/Paul,  Thank you so much for the healing that you have given me, which has resulted in my complete recovery from a rotator cuff injury and frozen shoulder.  I first saw you in November 2013, having torn ligaments/tendons in my shoulder whilst weightlifting.  At that time I had not been able to sleep for three months due to the pain I was experiencing when lying down and I had severe pain and limited movement in the joint, which prevented me from carrying out many daily living activities.  The pain could not be relieved by prescription medication and I was told by my GP that I faced steroid injections and possibly surgery in the future.  I saw you yesterday for my second and final session and am pleased to report that I now have full range of pain-free movement in my shoulder.  You have also cured considerable pain/stiffness in my neck, which I didn’t even mention to you.  I cannot thank you enough and have already recommended you to friends and family who I believe could benefit from your healing.  Thank you.  Sue Flynn